Competence in yarn. Since 1919

Special qualities

Special qualities

  • Pes/ cotton blend
  • Combed yarns in fine counts for example Nm 135/2 or Nm 170/2, also on dyeing cheese 
  • OE yarn and OE twist 
  • Yarn in combed, gassed, mercerized
  • Yarn made of Egyptian Giza
  • Coarse single yarns + twists, for example: Ne 12/1 carded, Ne 16/1 carded, Ne 12/2 carded, Ne 12/3 carded

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For many years, we have trusted the expertise of Bergfeld & Söhne. We are pleased to have found such a reliable distributor for all the yarns needed.

Giorgio Velásquez

It is not easy to find a partner who understands the individual needs of our company. With Bergfeld & Söhne we have found a partner who offers us the necessary know-how on which we can rely.

Bridget Batista Juárez