Competence in yarn. Since 1919


As a traditional family business, we have been working closely with our global partners at B. Bergfeld & Söhne KG since 1919. Based on our many years of experience, we know how important tailor-made solutions are for our customers. The uncompromising quality and the resulting customer satisfaction are our top priorities. As a globally placed brand, we have a stable value foundation which assists us in our day-to-day work.

Tradition & Change
For several years now, we have consistently integrated our values ​​and beliefs into our everyday needs. We give every employee the opportunity to develop their full potential. We support through training and further training. We promote team spirit and support collaboration through binding processes and policies.

Sustainability and ethical aspects
We always monitor our actions and measure the degree of sustainability and integrity of our actions. To act in a sustainable way means to live resource-efficient logistics processes, social responsibility and sustainable corporate management in all areas of our company. And this day by day.

Values ​​& responsibility
We generate added value for our customers and suppliers. We are looking for the best possible solution and the best possible process. We stand by our commitments, without if and when. Together with our customers, we set goals, reach them and reflect the common path. Only in this way can we go into the future and continue the history of the mountains in the 21st century.


For many years, we have trusted the expertise of Bergfeld & Söhne. We are pleased to have found such a reliable distributor for all the yarns needed.

Giorgio Velásquez

It is not easy to find a partner who understands the individual needs of our company. With Bergfeld & Söhne we have found a partner who offers us the necessary know-how on which we can rely.

Bridget Batista Juárez